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For certain clients operating in certain industries you may want to consider a cost per lead strategy. This strategy typically isn’t suitable for e-commerce businesses or smaller B2C or B2B companies. However if you’re selling a service, financial product or household utility with a dedicated sales team then we should talk!

With this strategy our key focus is to deliver high quality, qualified leads using the latest digital marketing strategies across Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

How it works?


You tell us what a qualified lead is for you and we agree on a cost per lead. We fund the set up and ongoing management. All you need to do is tell us how many leads you want. It’s not complicated and can easily be scaled up or down depending on your lead flow requirements.

After our initial conversation we can have your business delivered a regular flow of leads within 7-14 days, directly into your CRM or inbox.

If this seems like a strategy you would like to explore, then arrange a chat by completing the form below. We will only take you on if we think we can deliver!

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